Bob Mintzer

Bob Mintzer nel repertorio musicale della OffCourse Big Band

Many of the songs that are part of the OffCourse Big Band repertoire were written by Bob Mintzer, a jazz saxophonist from Los Angeles, California. Bob Mintzer, who has been part of the Yellowjackets smooth jazz quartet, is particularly valued for his activity as a performer, composer, arranger, conductor and teacher.

Here are some of the songs included in the OffCourse Big Band repertoire, which were written or arranged by Bob Mintzer:

  • April in Paris (Vernon Duke, arr. Bob Mintzer)
  • Easy Street (Bob Mintzer)
  • Go Go (Bob Mintzer)
  • Hop, Skip and Jump (Bob Mintzer)
  • Life oh The Party (Bob Mintzer)
  • Mambone (Bob Mintzer)
  • The Groove Master (Bob Mintzer)